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Kimax Buret, 50 ml


Kimax Buret, 50 ml
Product Code: 1250-K
Price: $82.02

  • Economical and versatile, this KIMAX buret is composed of four replaceable components and incorporates use of a threaded closure which eliminates accidental dislodging of stopcock assembly during use.
  • The accurately graduated tube has a reinforced top with a lower end accurately tooled to provide precise I.D. fit with a PTFE stopcock assembly.
  • Assembly should be wetted before installation and is provided with a cap to secure with a positive closure to the threaded buret body. A ground tip fits into lower end of PTFE stopcock assembly.
  • Capacity: 50 mL, Graduated Interval: 0.1 mL, Approx. assembled length: 725 mm.

Double Economy Burette Clamp, Buret


Double Economy Burette Clamp, Buret
Product Code: 1077
Price: $10.03

  • This clamp features plastic covered spring jaws, accepts burets up to 35mm OD, and support rods up to 1/2 inch OD.
  • Light weight aluminum cast body with spring loaded clips for securely holing 2 burets.
  • 20mm hole at the back to connect up to 18mm ring stand rod.

Lincoln-type Burette Clamp


Lincoln-type Burette Clamp
Product Code: 1254
Price: $8.77

  • This zinc plated stamped steel burette clamp has a steel thumbscrew and can be used with rods up to 3/4" in dia.
  • The distance between the two burettes is 7 1/4" (18.4cm).

Burettes, w/ Screw PTFE Stopcock, 100ml


Burettes, w/ Screw PTFE Stopcock, 100ml
Product Code: 1251-100
Price: $68.14

  • Borosilicate glass body with a Rotaflow type PTFE stopcock which ensures a leakproof seal, finer flow control, elimination of lubrication and absence of plug seizure.
  • Capacity: 100mL, Subdivision: 0.20mL, Tolerance: +0.20mL.

Burettes Straight, Geissler, 50ml


Burettes Straight, Geissler, 50ml
Product Code: 1250
Price: $37.85

  • Made from borosilicate glass with straight bore ground-in glass key stopcock.
  • Capacity: 50mL, Subdivision: 0.10mL, Tolerance: +0.10mL.

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