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Thermometer (Metal V-back)


Thermometer (Metal V-back)
Product Code: 1031
Price: $4.42

Thermometer (Metal V-back)
  • Glass thermometer mounted on aluminum V-back. Thermometers are filled with approximately 3 grams of Toluene mixed with red color.
  • 0 to 230 ºF/ -20 to 110 ºC

Thermometer Clamp


Thermometer Clamp
Product Code: 1038
Price: $13.44

  • An excellent clamp for supporting thermometers. Made of a polished aluminum muff with brass clamping jaws.
  • The jaws can be rotated and locked at any angle.

Thermometer 12" ºF & ºC


Thermometer 12" ºF & ºC
Product Code: 1030CF
Price: $7.56

Economy Lab Thermometer 12"
  • C & F, Total Immersion. (-20 to 110 ºC)(0 to 230 ºF).

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