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Product Code: Bioset11
Price: $25.95

  • Set of 5 Slides
    1. Bacteria (bacillus) gram - (negative)
    2. Bacteria (bacillus) gram + (positive)
    3. Chromosome (female) in Giernsa
    4. Chromosome (male) in Giernsa
    5. Mitosis showing all stages of plant mitosis

Mammalian Physiology


Mammalian Physiology
Product Code: Bioset10
Price: $63.37

  • Set of 15 slides.
    1. Cells from human lung tissue with cancer
    2. Cells from human lung tissue
    3. Epithelial tissue of skin with sarcoma cappozzi
    4. Lymph node in (Sec)tion with cancer cells
    5. Decalcified bone (Sec)
    6. Liver mammal (Sec)
    7. Section of human nerves showing white matter
    8. Section of cerebral cortex showing gray matter
    9. Skeletal muscle L.S. & C.S.
    10. Ovary of cow or other mammal
    11. Ovum (Ovule) of cow or other mammal
    12. Sperm
    13. Spermary (Sec)
    14. Human blood red and white blood cells
    15. Artery & Vein (T.S.)

Basic Zoology


Basic Zoology
Product Code: Bioset8
Price: $30.59


Prepared assortement of 15 different slides

Basic Zoology
  • Human Skin - Hair Follicle c.s
  • Skeletal Muscle t.s. & l.s.
  • Kidney l.s.
  • Taste Bud c.s
  • Earthworm t.s.
  • Artery & Vein t.s.
  • Sperm Human s.m.
  • Lung sec.
  • Fresh water fish region of gill t.s.
  • Frog skin pigment cell
  • Frog egg early cleavage sec.
  • lymph node sec.
  • Ovary from mammal sec.
  • Nerve cell w.m.
  • Simple squamous epithelium sec.

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