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Small Organisms


Product Code: Bioset5
Price: $30.59
Shipping weight: 1.00 pounds


Prepared assortement of 15 different slides

  • Bird feather w.m.
  • Bee Leg w.m.
  • Butterfly mouth parts w.m.
  • House fly wing w.m.
  • Aphis w.m.
  • Honey Bee mouth parts w.s.
  • Planerian w.m.
  • Hydra w.m.
  • Daphnia w.m.
  • Trachurus Trichiura w.m.
  • Single cell zoo w.m.
  • Mosquito larva w.m.
  • Fish scales w.m.
  • Insect compound eye sec.
  • Paramecium division w.m.

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